Dispersion of winning (volatility) in online pokies

Dispersion of winning (volatility) in online pokiesWhile choosing a pokie, the punter needs to know not only for his external characteristics (the design and graphics, plot, colour scheme) but also profitability. Usually, players pay attention to the RTP (return to player percentage). But this number shows only the absolute mathematical expectation of the game. It does not show the winning period (number of spins) and winning amount.

As you know, the pokies accumulate player's bets and distribute them in winning. How much money the pokie will return to punters, depends on settings of RTP. This value is usually from 95 to 99%. This value is achieved only at a long distance (millions of spins). Well, who would agree to play in a pokie, which would decrease 1-5 cents of the dollar in each spin from the account balance? Therefore, the pokies give out winning at random. It corresponds to the dispersion (volatility). It characterises, how often the pokie will give the winning, and what amounts it would be. For example, pokie 1 gives often, but a little - it means it has low-middle dispersion. In pokie 2, the winning is rare but large - consequently, it is a pokie with high dispersion.

The volatility has huge importance for the bet and the balance on your account while playing. If in pokies with a low-dispersion we can put 1/50 - 1/100 of our balance, then in high-dispersion pokies it will be desirable to show more caution and put already 1/500 from the balance. In other words, as higher the dispersion value, as long the row of losing spins, and the winning will be much larger but rarely.

Dispersion and cycles in online pokies

How to understand what volatility online pokie has? You can look at the coefficient of the maximum winning. Those with maximum pay-out of coins 10,000x+ usually have high volatility. If maximum winning is from 2000x up to 5000x - middle volatility, and if maximum winning is 1000x - low volatility. Often it is so, but there are exceptions.

Dependencies of values in the pokie

Variance of loosingThere is a direct connection between the coefficient of "the maximum winning" and the length of the cycle. Each pokie has its cycle, which the provider hides the length of that.

Our testers established data stated in the table by testing pokies. At the beginning of the cycle, the pokie "collects" money in the prize pool and when it is full "fires" with the big win.

At the end of the cycle, the pokie starts to give winning, the size and frequency of which depend on, its dispersion. We believe that it's in this phase of the cycle, the punter has increased the opportunity to hit a big win. To identify the phase of the cycle is possible, only in practice - in the free game. You can learn more about choosing a pokie for winning.


Sweden players often win progressive jackpotsIn online pokies with a progressive jackpot feature, "the dispersion" is exceptionally high. They have the longest cycle and collecting money for a huge hit. Then the whole jackpot goes to one lucky person. Of course, it is tempting to become the owner of a giant winning, but the probability of this event is about 1 to 100 million.

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