Rules of blackjack by NetEnt

Rules of blackjack by NetEntBlackjack - this is one of the most accessible and well-known card games. It is played in both traditional and online casinos around the world. The popularity it has is received for its simple and clear rules for the player, a high number of opportunities to use a variety of tactics and strategies that can increase the chances of winning, but winning is not always guaranteed. If you have little experience, theoretical knowledge and luck, then blackjack - this is the game where you can get a mathematical advantage over the gambling site and earn. This differs from many blackjack casino games. This article focuses on the rules of the game of blackjack and basic strategies of winning it.

Basic rules of blackjack by Net Entertainment

Let's start with the basic aspects. Terms of blackjack rules resemble the game "21", or, as it is called, in the "Point," but differ from them in the subtleties. Let us not forget that we are playing against the casino dealer and not against a live opponent. The dealer, in this case, acts like a robot mixing and distribution maps. His actions are strictly regulated. He is obliged to take another card if he has 16 or fewer points and stop at any number of points over 17 (inclusive).

Usually, the game is played with six decks. The basis of this rule is the complexity of card counting and increasing dispersion of the next card with the already published. Statistically, the most profitable option to play the game with a single deck of cards, the maximum number of boxes. Net Entertainment offers 4 different games to play with a single deck, with surrender on three boxes, six packs and four decks (standard).


The main rule of the game of blackjack is a set of cards totalling as close to 21. 21 - This is perfect, but if you type at least one point more - you lose (bust). The number of your points must be higher than the dealer, the dealer must either "bust" (to score more than 21 points). If your points are equal, then it's a draw (stay), you did not win and not lose, even. Win a set of cards in the amount of 21 points can only any ten (10, J, Q, K) is paired with an ace. This combination is called Blackjack and is the oldest in the game.


Each card has its dignity. Cards from two to ten coincide with their nominal value. For example, to deuce - two points, three - three points and so on. J, Q, K - estimated at 10 points. Ace value is that its capacity can be equal to 1, and 11 points, depending on the game situation. For example, if you are dealt three aces and declared that the player has four or fourteen points. If he comes seven, then it will stop further recruitment will mean 21 points. However, if he gets eight, the dealer will announce the 12 points, but not too much and offer to play again.

Number of players

The number of players must not exceed the number of play areas on the table blackjack. Most often, the game seven boxes. If wanting more than gaming sites, they can cooperate and make joint bids. Accordingly, the prize will be shared at all. According to the rules of blackjack casino will not participate arbiter of such contractual bets and the decision to take a card or stop players will decide. It is important that the overall stake does not exceed the maximum allowed for bets on this table.

Number of bets

In most cases, the rules of the casino are forbidden to play on one field, so the player is invited to play the game at least two playing fields. Lots of playing fields for the participant depends on the rules of gambling houses, but more often it is limited only by the number of game boxes.

Betting on bonuses

The game begins with a mandatory minimum bet. According to the rules of blackjack Netent, the player has the opportunity to bet on bonuses. At this bet, Netent called Jack side bet and is placed to the left and slightly above the rate of the main (central) boxing. If you get the first two cards at any of the three boxes:

  • Two Jacks Peak - Win 100 bets on the bonus.
  • Any two jacks - 25 bets on the winning bonus.
  • The first card is a jack - winning 10 bets on the bonus.


  • BlackjackThe dealer obliged to take their new cards until 17 points or more. If the sum of the dealer will be more than 21, all remaining in the game pits the player wins. If a player has more than 21 points, the box out of the game, losing your bet before the dealer's up card.
  • The player is available as follows: draw a card, make a double stop a set of cards (see photo at right). If the dealer and the player have announced a stop, and the number of points a player has less than the dealer's, the player is considered defeated.
  • In case of a tie, the player's bet wins, and no one loses. Declared the situation Push (a draw), and payments do not occur, the stake cannot be removed. If you win the player, his bet pays 1 to 1. For example, at a stake of 100 euros gain is also 100 euros.
  • If the player has blackjack, that is, he gets 21 points from the first two cards, the payout is 150% of the bet. For example, if a player is 100 euros, he returned to 100 euros and 150 stakes-winning money. If the dealer has a blackjack, the player loses all the boxes.
  • Exceptions are insured boxes (see below about insurance) and those boxes, which also fell blackjack. In these boxes is declared the situation a push and do not burn bet, the gain is not paid.

Additional features

The player can not only keep a set of cards in their boxes but also to take advantage of additional features. Such as split, double, triple, surrender insurance. Let us consider each of them.

  • Bet Split (Split) conducted only when the player is on the hands of the first pair of cards with the same dignity - for example, 7-7 or 10-10. In this case, it is possible to divide the cards into two parts, thus making an additional bet Split equivalent to the previous one. After that, the process proceeds to the standard play mode. Re-bet Split already distributed cards is prohibited. Should not forget that happens all the aces anyway. This combination of split "Blackjack" does not exist. Even if supplemented Ace-Ten, the alignment will still receive only the status of "twenty-one".
  • Double (Double) - the player can double his bet after the deal him two cards. This is usually done when the sum of 9, 10 or 11. Next, the dealer deals one more card game, and the resulting sum is finite. More maps on this box cannot be taken. Often make double sixes against the dealer for any proper deal. Double can only be set on the first deal.
  • Surrender - refusal to continue the game at half price bets. If for some reason the player does not want to continue the game and take a card, he can surrender half his stake. Surrender cannot be done if the dealer has opened itself ace or any card worth 10 points.


If the dealer's first card reveal himself an ace, the player can make an insurance bet on blackjack dealer. Ensure worth half the stake, and if the dealer opens blackjack, returns the sum of rates and insurance. You pay 2 to 1 if the dealer picks up 21 points from the first two cards (blackjack) in all other cases of insurance burns.

Strategy blackjack and mistakes of the beginners

There are many strategies to help make the right choices in the game of blackjack. Most often they are to count cards.

Typical errors

  • Do not be afraid to take another card while you're holding a score greater than 12. As the saying goes, "nothing ventured, nothing gained." For example, if you are in the hands of 12-16 points, it is often necessary to take another card, but do not stop setting. This is the right choice while you're playing with a single deck.
  • Split cards worth ten points. Beginners often share the pictures, even if not using any of the methods of counting cards. Most often, this action does not carry benefits for the player. It is worth remembering that 20 points - this is a powerful combination, with which you will often win. The same applies to the smallest cards. If you hold 44, 55, 66, - frequently necessary to make double or take a few more cards. It all depends on the current account and the dealers up card.
  • Do not go into a rage. Each of us gives in to temptation, and sometimes we can not resist and tear. So it is with gambling. Blackjack does not tolerate haste and professionalism. Be cold-blooded!

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