Rules of online roulette Netent

Rules of online roulette NetentRoulette - this is one of the oldest games presented in online casinos. This game has passed through the centuries and remained at the peak of popularity among gamblers. A few years ago, the first online version of roulette. It is the online version produced by Net Entertainment, focuses this page. There will be described in the rules of online roulette Netent, explained the basic bet, dismantled variations of this game and the basic strategy of winning.

Basic rules of online roulette

The basic rule of any roulette is to guess a number that will fall out. The player is free to put on a single number, as well as their group. These group numbers may be the same or different colours, is different in one or a dozen or columns. Doing the "call rate", the player can close the group of numbers in a row, it is in the same sequence as they go on the drum. These rules apply to both versions of the Internet, as well as for a real table roulette.


Players can bet at the time that is given between runs of the ball, either directly after launching the ball into the reel. As a rule, the time that is given to the placement bets between the spins (start the ball) is not limited to, if you play one. If a game involving several players, the game starts at regular intervals. Let's concentrate on the internet versions of roulette.

There are several varieties of this exciting game, create a holding company Net Entertainment:


French rouletteLive casino from the usual European roulette differs dramatically. In the first case, you are watching a real throw the ball and stopping it under the laws of physics and elements of chance, in the second the next number generated by a random number generator. The essential difference is also live roulette is a game with live dealers where you watch the process in real time through a web camera. At the same time in the live version, you play hundreds of players from all over the world. Or you can play alone in the electronic version, and no one will hasten you to the bets or rotation of the reel. The rules of the game of roulette in all versions are similar.

The exception is American roulette, as it contains in his field two numbers zero and is statistically more "negative" for the player. Without a compelling reason not recommend running this variation, while playing online with real money. But to return directly to the rules of online roulette.


  • As you see in the picture to the right of the screen, the classic European Roulette consists of a playing field, reel and golf placement of so-called "oral bids."
  • If you play roulette emulator on the Internet, you have an unlimited amount of time to place bets. As long as you do not press the spin - the game will not start. Also, you will not be able to put the ball in the spin on the reel. Bids closed immediately after pressing the spin.
  • The quick spin function gives the winning number immediately - without rotation of the reel. Honestly, the game with this function loses its flavour, but it can come in handy when using the scoring system, which is based on a long roll of the not selected sector.
  • Rooms are located on the board in order. On the reel are located in a different sequence. Sheep in a real roulette and its online version are similar.
  • On the field for "oral bids" rooms are located as well as on the reel.
  • To bet on the playing field or oral bet (see below) from the online roulette, you need to click on the chip with the desired nominal value at the bottom right of the screen. After that, when you click anywhere on the playing field, the different corresponding rate (see below), will bet this is the nominal value of the chips.
  • It is important to remember that until you click spin (or rotate), All rates are subject to change or withdrawal. The only exception is live roulette, in which rates are automatically closed, and the back comes in time, regardless of whether the player had put everything he wanted or not.
  • Function same bet (repeat rate) allows you to put the chips as well as you did last time. This saves time and patience in setting the complex stakes on the game board.

Types of bets and rates of payments

Betting ratesPlaying the odds in online roulette rules bets and payments on the playing field during a game of roulette is as follows:

  • Bet (straight up) in the room. Put in the figure, as shown in the photo. Pays 1 to 36. For example, you bet $ 5 on the number five (see picture), and the ball stopped at number five. You will receive $ 180 as a prize.
  • Bet (split) into two rooms. Placed on the two figures are near each other on the board. The bid is placed as shown in the figure. A loss of any of the two rooms, the payment is made 1 to 18. For example, we put $ 5 on a 2-5 split and falling number 2. We will get $ 90 as a prize.
  • Bet (corner) on four numbers. Placed on the four figures are close to each other on the board. A loss of any of the four numbers payment is made 1 to 9.
  • Bet on three numbers (street). Placed on three figures, which are in one line on the board. Pays 1 to 11.
  • Bet on six numbers (six lines). Placed on six numbers which are on two lines side by side. Pays 1 to 6.

Bets odds (a play on colour, parity value dozen and column numbers)

Common to all bets on the chances of hair loss is zero. In case of loss of the numbers 0, all bets on the chances of losing. An exception is French roulette, where has a function "prison." A roll of the numbers 0, half the rates remain the same positions in which they were. A player may not remove these bets over the next throw of the ball.

  • Betting on small chances. For small chances are betting on a dozen (pays 1 to 3), the bets on the column (paid 1 to 3).
  • Great chances. You can bet on the colour - red/black (pays 1 to 1). Betting on odd / even (payment 1 to 1).

Oral bets

If you like to guess part of the reel, in which the ball will fall, then you will be more convenient to stake using the fields for "oral bids" roulette.

Rules for posting announce bets

Bids can do on the playing field or a field for "oral bids." The beauty of this type of betting is that all the rooms are closed sequentially in the order the numbers are located on the roulette wheel.

  • The Tier (small series 5/8). This zone is located opposite the numbers zero. Being small in some bets, bets for this series are paid 1 to 3.
  • The Orphelines. This area is framed by a series of small and large series. The implication is that this series is the boundary between the large and small lots on both sides of the reel.
  • The Voisins (large series 0/2/3). Covers half of the reel. In the centre of the zone is the number zero. Paid depending on the winning number, the average 1-to-1 is contained within a region of zero spiels.
  • The Zero spiel. A series of much smaller than the "large series" and concentrated around zero numbers. The most powerful number is the 26 in which bets are straight up. The series is the opposite of a small series and is opposite it.
  • Oral rates allow making predictions on the loss of the ball in a particular sector, based on the statistics of previous shots.
  • In online roulette on the scoreboard showing Cold (cold) and Hot (hot) rooms. Hot falling increasingly cold.

Betting limits

Main viewTypically, during the start-up phase of the game, you will be asked to tables with different betting limits. Such as a table with a limit of $ 1-100, the total no more than $ 500 allows you to bet in a number from 1 to $ 100, for a split of two numbers 1-200 $, to the corner of 1 to $ 400. The total bet can not exceed $ 500. The limits are designed to increase the possibility of rate indefinitely. This game system called the Martingale system (To learn more about the Martingale system...).

Winning strategy

For an enormous lifetime of gambling online roulette, no one was able to develop a strategy that allows you to win over a large distance. However, there are different bets of tactics and strategies. Find more information on this subject you can select in the main (upper) menu of the website section "how to win" and then the game "Roulette". In the drop-down menu, you can find a variety of strategies and tactics of winning. You can check their performance and efficiency by running a free roulette game directly to our site. It offers basic versions available of this fascinating game and strategies for winning in them:

Roulette exists in almost every online casino. Variations and interest repayment vary from the manufacturer of this particular version and integrity of gambling establishments. There are several good reasons to play version by Net Entertainment:

  • A high percentage of return bets.
  • Honesty and reliability in the derivation of money.
  • The opportunity to play live online roulette.
  • Ease of betting and gaming.

How to win at online roulette

There are several recommendations for new players. These recommendations apply only to the software Net Entertainment.

  • Carefully read the rules of the game of roulette. This game can be much more complex and exciting than you seemed at first glance.
  • Play immediately after you create an account at an online casino. There is a reason to believe that the program tries to mimic the eternal law of any casino "beginners luck". If you decide to play, then registers the account, make your first deposit and start playing. It is desirable to win for the first 50 spins and finish the game on this session.
  • Do not play in questionable online casinos. Some places do not allow you to win at any bets and strategies. Avoid shady gambling.
  • Do not test performance gaming systems and strategies while playing for real money. Take advantage of our simulator using the same random number generator as the casino guts. This will save you a lot of time and money.


Learn all the rules of the game in online roulette. Remember that the game of roulette is exciting and fast. It will give you a lot of emotions. Try to do a smaller number of spins with a big bet, than many spins with a small stake (for example, it is better to make 10 spins for 10 euros, 100 spins for 1 euro, because if you win you get a large amount of it at the stake of 10 euros and be able to stop. In a situation of winning at the stake of 1 euro a big win even provoke you to continue the game). When using the system, take the opportunity to turn the ball with no bids, to create a favourable situation for the application of the system. For example, one colour numbers 9, 9 numbers in the same column 9 even or odd numbers, and so forth.

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