How to win at When Pigs Fly

How to win at When Pigs FlyHere, in the When Pigs Fly slot, you can immerse into the world of fantasy and little space. We suggest you will surprise when you start playing it. Even though there is the funny plot of the game, the slot is not so fun to give out big prizes. It demands your little efforts o we decided to tell you how to win at When Pigs Fly slot.

Below you will find the recommendations of our experts who have tested all methods. Now you can safely apply the described methods in real gameplay. So, luck will be on your side. By the way, all the information presented on our portal is verified and works. Successful completion of the game session depends on many factors, but, first of all, on the application of a set of strategies that increase the chances of winning. Note that this is a clone of the Reel Rush slot from Netent.

Personal testers opinion

I can say confidently that this slot is worth playing because of its advantages. When I started to play the When Pigs Fly slot, it was funny, but I had the goal to break the jackpot, and I could do it, and now I also do it. But when you have the desire to start this game, you should get acquainted with some essential details about it. The peculiarity and secrets of the When Pigs Fly slot significantly influenced the choice of the stake. I advise you not to use the maximum if you want to win. These rates are quite specific, and you will have to spend a lot of time on the rotation of the coils while waiting for the return of the loans. Consider your bankroll when choosing a bet. Also, there should be an amount on the account, which is 200 times more than the number of coins put on the back. In any case, it is worth sticking to the single rate policy. Wait for the big prize, then lower the bet by 20-40 spins. Then you can increase it again. This tactic is the most suitable for this slot.

Given the special bonus, I recommend that you set limits for the bankroll. They will help not to spend more than they should, but also to save prizes. The Re-spin option is run often, but in rare cases, it turns out to catch more than three spins. The only recommendation from me is to try to play the game at a single rate and not change it. If you want the slot to issue a large prize, then you will put the maximum. But be very careful. I am confident you will estimate this slot, especially the design of it, it looks so funny and strange when you see the pigs in space. Good luck!

Netent declares the following probabilities

  • Re-spinsThe total percentage of payout is 97%. It consists of the payment in the main (58.8%) and bonus games (38.2%).
  • The probability of breaking any winning in the usual spins is 28.3%. In bonus games (1024 pay lines) is 70%.
  • The probability of getting free spins (win five times in a row) is 1.16%, which is twice as high as the average values in the line of Netent.
  • The maximum winning is 480,000 coins.

Important characteristics of the slot machine

Secrets of the slot machine

  • The rate. When you start a game session, remember to choose the most appropriate bet. This is any, which is 200 times less than the number of credits on the account. In this game, any stake can bring big rewards. The main thing is that you manage to make a maximum of rotations at a single rate. After receiving a big prize, reduce the bet. And after 30-50 starts, pick it up again. If you use such tactics, the probability of successful completion of the game session increases by several tens of times.
  • Bonus option. How to win at the When Pigs Fly slot is more significant, everyone should know. After all, the special regime of the re-spins will bring the most significant winnings. The frequency of activation of the additional function depends on the rate. It is better to choose one and play on it, without changing. More spins, more likely to win. You need to remember it. By the way, after the completion of the prize-winning re-spins, the reward is necessarily assessed. If it is large, you will need to pause immediately. And quite long.
  • Limits. The game session begins not with the choice of a bet, but with the setting of limits for the bankroll. Be sure to stick to them. For example, it is not recommended to continue the game when more than a third of the bankroll is lost. Also, will not continue to bet, if the account is increased by 40% or more. If you listen to the advice, you can spend more time playing. And this is what you need.

Important to remember!

  • Bets should always have dimensions that correspond to the balance of the game account.
  • Playing at maximum rates is profitable, but dangerous.
  • Do not change the size of the bet often.
  • The number of loans must always correspond to the bankroll.
  • Re-Spins give the greatest rewards.
  • After the bonus ends, be sure to stop and pause.
  • Setting limits is an important part of a profitable strategy.
  • Perform over 100 drum rotations.

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